Writing words to get into your mind

To play with your emotions

To drive your desires

Things I love and that make me who I am, in no particular order:

  • My ridiculously gorgeous and amazing wife
  • Music: playing and listening
  • Science in general, backed by a PhD in Chemistry
  • My three wonderful daughters and rest of my family
  • Travel and living the World
  • ​Art in so many forms
  • Smiles, laughter​, fun

My current self is as transient as all the versions of me that have existed before.

I had a story to write.  It proved too hard to keep it inside, so I stopped everything and just let it flow out. The words came together to form a book, my first novel, which I wrote for myself, and that I now share with you.

Like most people, I learnt to write as a child.  The skill has come in useful, which I suppose is why it is taught.  I've found myself writing, in one form or another, on most days of my life.  And I like to tell stories as well; to paint a picture with words and express meaning to others.  But somehow, before now, I never looked to combine the two.  Now that I have started my head is overflowing with ideas, and more books are on their way.   

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Alexander Tor