Caressing Lost Keys, a sensual contemporary romance, is the first book in a trilogy, and is set for publication soon.  The story follows the life of Tom, as he falls in love with Alexis and they embark upon a passionate romance.  A romance that could never have been, and yet that somehow couldn't not work.  A romance fuelled by a love powerful enough to penetrate the fog left over from a life of normality, and to allow Tom to take the leap into their future. 

You can read all of Chapter One (follow link), which introduces Tom and his need for change, and also watch a reading I gave of a later chapter, The Euphonium, below (you can also watch directly on YouTube). The chapter read explores the power of Tom's lips, tongue and breath as his love and passion for Alexis continues to rapidly develop.  

I'd be extremely grateful for any feedback, comments or suggestions, and hope the you enjoy.    


Caressing lost keys 

The first novel in The Keys​ Trilogy

It was our passions in life that led us to meet, but our passion together that forged our future.  A future that was uncertain, but a future that was ours together. Our future, our life. My Alexis.


Alexander Tor