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31 MAY 2015 UPDATE
New video! A reading I gave of a chapter from Caressing Lost Keys, in Chicago on 30 May 2015.

The Euphonium

The Keys trilogy is a sensual contemporary romance, following the lives of Tom and Alexis as they find each other and in doing so find love. Together, they overcome their past selves and the challenges of life to forge a future together. A future they deserve, but a future they truly have to earn.   

The first in the series, Caressing Lost Keys, is told through the eyes of Tom, as he finds himself meeting Alexis at a time that he is battling to find himself. Through love and the inspiration he finds in the passion of others, Tom takes the leap of change into his future, and in doing so gives himself the chance of a life that he needs with his Alexis.

Running parallel to The Keys trilogy, Life of Rose follows the life of the eldest daughter of Tom through her daily journal entries. Life of Rose is being written and published daily over a year on Channillo, and explores her feelings and pain as she battles to understand the complexities of living with a mum with Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Follow her story here: 


caressing lost keys

The first novel in The Keys​ Trilogy

It was our passions in life that led us to meet, but our passion together that forged our future.  A future that was uncertain, but a future that was ours together. Our future, our life. My Alexis.


Alexander Tor