Alexander Tor

​Musings after two months of publishing daily as I write

29 May 2015

I was sat in an airport lounge when I saw a tweet from Kara Monterey. She was calling for applications to write a series to be published on, which was due to go live in two weeks time. With nothing better to do whilst I waited for my flight I jotted down a sketch of an idea and sent it off. The next day I got notification that my series been accepted, and the realisation of what I had committed to first hit me.

The series that I had proposed was called Life of Rose. I was to write journal entries for a fictional twelve year old girl over the course of a year, following her struggles of living with a mother with Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Rose is the daughter of Tom, and it is from Tom’s point of view that my novel Caressing Lost Keys, the first of The Keys trilogy, is written. I thought it would be fun to explore Rose’s character in parallel to that of her father’s, although the thought of getting into the head of a teenage girl every day for a year was, and still is, quite daunting!

My plan was that Life of Rose would read by the end of the year as a stand-alone novel to sit alongside The Keys trilogy. So, with just two weeks before went live, I sat down to plot out a novel that I would publish in daily parts. Effectively, I would publish a 40-60k word novel live as I wrote it.

So, two months in, how’s it going? Well, I’m still writing, and I’m very much enjoying the process. If I hadn’t made the commitment to publish every day then this project would likely not be at all established by now. My daily word count is not high, varying from about 50 to 500, so I can always make time to get the entries out. And those few minutes every day, those minutes that we never have but can always find if we really need to, mean that two months in Life of Rose is becoming a significant body of work. The manuscript now reads at over 10,000 words, and so is on course to come in at around 60k by the end of the year. Not so bad for just a few minutes per day.

Maintaining consistency and building a coherent story when publishing each day is not easy. I don’t have the option to go back and change or introduce characters, locations or events, or to reorganise the flow and structure of the story. But I don’t believe that writing this way is not possible. I guess we’ll see by the end of the year if this experiment works for me or not, but it’s an experiment that I’m excited to continue.

So, thank you, Kara, for inviting me to write and publish Life of Rose on, and thank you to those of you that are reading, which provides the pressure for me to keep on writing. If you are an author, then I’d certainly recommend that you consider writing and publishing live. It’s a challenge and a way of working that could change how you write forever. And if you enjoy reading, then why not check out what is happening on